Independence Day

Cambodia usually marks anniversary of independence from France on 9 November every year. King Sihamoni visits Independence Monument in Phnom Penh.

The region of Cambodia became an area of influence under the rule of the Angkorian era from the 8th century. By the 15 century, the influence of the Khmers waned and the kingdom was subject to control by the Spanish and Portuguese.

With the arrival of the French in 1863, Cambodia became a protectorate of France and a virtual colony by the twentieth century. In 1941, the French installed Prince Sihanouk on the Cambodian throne. Having sensed that the French influence was affected by World War II, with the support of the Japanese, Sihanouk declared independence from France in March 1945. By July 1953, France had stated that it was ready to grant full independence to Cambodia and on 9 November 1953, full independence was achieved.

Every year on the ninth of November is a very special day that Cambodian people celebrate their victory. Cambodia was a French protectorate for 90 years from 1863 till 9th November 1953.

During this 90 years Cambodian people have had hard time of their living. They live with struggling and working very hard just to pay for the tax. People had to pay the tax on every kind possession and animals that they owned even pets.

Khmer literature only existed in the pagodas because people have to learn French as their languages and this was a rule at that time. Moreover the system of education at school had to change as well. But soon the King Noromdom Sihanouk leaded many Cambodia people both boys and girls who were very brave and happy to fight for freedom for their country.

The king has travelled to abroad counties to demand freedom and peace for his beautiful country. Because of those actions and reactions of The king and Cambodian people has made the world and especially has made France stop controlling Cambodia.  Finally, on November 9, 1953, Cambodia gained its freedom.

As of today, on November 9 in the early morning, the King Sihamony, Minister at all levels, civil servants and many students from other schools in Phom Penh city attended to celebrate this event which was held at the independence monument. Many bunches of flowers were put around the independence monument. At the end of the event the King burnt victory candle to celebrate the victory and dedicated to all those beautiful and brave people who have dedicated their lives for the country. In the evening there will have many amazing fireworks at the royal palace that will light up the whole sky and make this night become a beautiful night in the history of Cambodia.

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