The beginner level starts learning from basic such as alphabet, consonants, consonant sound and vowel sound and basic writing. students will learn about pronunciation, short conversations, make a short sentences and basic reading.

However some students would like to speak rather than writing and reading. So we will prepare lessons focus on real situations for everyday use. Vocabulary, students learn from alphabet together with foods, vegetables, fruits, places and others to make sentences.


This level focus on reading, listening and speaking. Teacher will send a voice tape and some keywords of article so students have to listen and catch up the meaning and answer questions. Students repeat all sentences or articles and teacher will correct pronunciation sound.

Questions and answers can help students to communication with friends, family and use it at home, school or work place.


Get into this level students are more comfortable for Khmer speaking. Jumping into fluent speaking, reading and listening.

Tex of current events happening in Cambodia and the world will provide your for reading and translation. Most of tex will get from newspaper or social network in FB. Writing letter, email or sms in Khmer language will teach you in this level.

The formal speak or formal administration letter is very important when you work related to community or gov. Some words in Khmer language have many meaning and use in different ways.


Culture and traditional: you will learn about Khmer culture, tourism, tranditional, festival, ceremonies, Khmer wedding ceremony, food recipe and you can learn how to cook khmer food.


All each class have test at the end of lesson. How much you learn from lessons.Teachers open opportunity for students asking (free topic) Khmer lesson, words or phrases and other translations.

How to improve it fast!

A great way to learn Khmer is to find someone who speaks Khmer (natural native Khmer) and talk to them for 30 minutes every day. Listen to Khmer audio, Khmer shows and movies, and listen to Khmer radio stations.

Song is another good way to make your Khmer better. This will help you learn the sounds of Khmer (rhymes will help your pronunciation). It will also help improve your vocabulary. Find a song you like, learn it, and learn what the lyrics mean.

However, You can also take  Khmer class (Online Class or Private Class). Carry a Khmer dictionary with you so you can translate words you don’t know. For more ways you can learn Khmer, like writing in Khmer every day. 

Speaking: We teach you how to speak fast and enjoy with Khmer conversation for everyday use.
Listening: If you want to answer or ask to someone, you have to be good at listening. voice tape will provide during lesson.
Reading & Pronunciation: Reading with good pronunciation and understand the meaning.
Writing: Vocabulary, how to make sentences, short tex, conversation for daily life.

*Quizzes: There’s a quiz to test- you can test how much you’ve learned with us.

 We’re always happy to help you out with any questions you may have or
you can contact me in private through:
Skype: lyphanny
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